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Beautiful Boulder Walls For Your Home Or Business

ann arbor boulder walls

For some situations, the best option is a boulder wall. Generally, this is a type of hardscape used for the purpose of acting as a retaining wall. However, we still believe that no matter how utilitarian the purpose, that should not mean settling for something that looks strictly functional.

At Great Outdoors, our team of lawn care and landscaping experts work hard to go above and beyond when it comes to delivering the final results. This approach to addressing the service needs of our clients is how our name has become synonymous with exceptional quality workmanship. Do not make the mistake of taking chances and settling for inferior results when it comes to hardscapes built on your property.

Boulder Wall Specialists

If you are considering opting for a boulder wall for your residential or commercial property, just make sure that you have the information that you need.

Boulders are often implemented for retaining walls in areas that required a larger wall. This becomes easier than using much more of a smaller material, like standard stone.

Boulders also offer much greater strength. This is an idea choice for walls that may need to retain a larger area that also could have more soil to prevent from eroding.

Of course, some people simply prefer the visual aesthetics of boulders, when compared to other styles of rock walls. Personal preference is important to address, as well.

Many landscapers and homeowners feel that boulders better reflect and emphasize the true beauty of nature. This style of wall can still be visually pleasing to look at, while performing its job.

The boulder wall that we create for you will prove the be, built to last.

Exceptional Boulder Wall Service & Results

If you are ready to make plans for creating the perfect boulder wall on your residential or commercial property, get in touch with us right now. The Great Outdoors team is ready, willing and beyond capable of providing you with superior results. Don't take chances when it comes to an element of your hardscapes as vital as a retaining wall.

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