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Commercial Landscaping services in Ann Arbor

Great Outdoors has provided clients with superior service in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas since 1983, including commercial customers. One of the most widely requested services we offer is our commercial landscaping. As a leading resource in the community for lawn care and landscaping, it only makes sense that we’d be there to assist business owners with making their exterior look memorable too.

Besides the desire to maintain your sense of pride in your commercial property, professional landscaping is about making a good impression. However, commercial landscaping is not the type of task you can add to your to-do list. You need the training, skills, and experience to complete this job, which is why we’re here to handle it for you.

Whether you want classic and clean or ornate and elaborate, our established team will get the job done. You’ll love the final look we create and the maintenance we invest into keeping it looking outstanding.

Making A Good Impression While Keeping Up Appearances

Landscape design, installation, and upkeep are as crucial for commercial businesses as it is residential property. As a premier lawn care and landscaping company, we’re honored to have the opportunity to partner with so many local businesses and assist them with their outstanding outdoors. We offer our landscaping services for commercial property, and you’ll enjoy advantages like:

  • Stunning use of greenery, color, or both
  • Creating eco-friendly landscaping
  • Increasing the property value
  • Making an excellent first impression on customers
  • Attracting new clients and growing revenue

No matter what space you have to work with, you can add landscaping to beautify your property. You can even request plants and trees to provide privacy that helps with employee safety and security. Plus, a beautiful landscaping plan will naturally boost staff morale, and that’s always a plus.

Landscaping Tips For Impressing Customers

At Great Outdoors, we work with various size properties and budgets. No matter what, we can help you make a positive and lasting impression. Some expert tips for success with your commercial landscaping:

  • Focus on the entrance
  • Add decorative hardscapes
  • Incorporate pops of color from your logo
  • Include plants for clean air
  • Stay ahead of weeds and pests

Stop procrastinating and start impressing your clients and prospects with stunning landscaping. Call our team right now, and let’s make a plan of action for commercial landscaping to improve your Ann Arbor business. Turn heads and win over new clients with service from our industry specialists.

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