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Professional Grass & Sod Installation

ann arbor grass and sod installation

Smart home and business owners are opting more and more for grass and sod installation, and savvy locals are making the call to Great Outdoors to get the job done. While starting a lawn from seeds can be a rewarding project, it is time consuming and rarely delivers the desired results. The truth of the matter is, overseeding can be quite a risk and you won't know until it is taking hold, how much of the project was a success. So imagine having your lawn installed, much in the same manner as indoor carpeting. It is rolled out or laid out into place in square sections. Creating an almost instantaneous lawn. The only trick is the work that then goes into helping these transplanted pieces take hold and become established, which our lawn care and landscaping experts can help make happen.

Grass & Sold Installation Specialists

Your home is your biggest investment and the exterior is what makes the first impression. Yet, nothing looks quite as unsightly as a yard full of brown or dying grass. Even bald patches can make an otherwise luscious lawn look terrible.

If you don't want your unhealthy looking lawn to become the focal point of your yard, here is what you should know about installing grass or sod.

While the upfront investment is more than seeding, installing your lawn means you have grass right away.

There is an adjustment period in which your grass must be watered and not walked on. This helps the root system to become established so that you can have a healthy and self-sustaining lawn.

If any areas of installed grass or sod do not become established, it is fairly easy to simply fill in the gap with another section.

Exceptional Grass & Sod Installation Service & Results

Great Outdoors has been delivering the best possible lawns to local homes and businesses since 1983. We want to be able to provide you with the level of service excellence that you deserve, including offering the best in grass and sod installation service. Contact us today in order to get your yard looking its best.

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