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Your Experienced And Reliable Landscaping Company

Great Outdoors is the only name that you need to know for all of your landscaping service needs. We work with both residential and commercial clients, providing the best in workmanship for the finest possible results. Let our lawn care and landscaping experts take care of any of the following services for you, so you can make the most of your yard.

Landscape Design

ann arbor landscape design

In order to have the best landscaping results, it begins by having a plan. Let our team put together a landscape design that makes all of this possible for you.

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Water Features

ann arbor water features

Water features add so much to your landscaping. Consider options like a waterfall, reflection pool or even a fish pond.

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Mulch Installation

ann arbor mulch installation

You have choices of types of mulch, all offering color and depth to your landscaping. Let us provide you with professional installation so that you can enhance your landscaping, as well as help with weed control.

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Hedge Trimming

ann arbor hedge trimming

Trimming hedges is about more than random cutting. This is a planned process that will keep your hedges looking good, but also maintain their health.

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Pruning & Weeding

ann arbor pruning and weeding

For the overall appearance and health of your yard, make sure that you get professional pruning and weeding. Just establishing your landscaping is not enough, it is the upkeep and maintenance that makes all the difference.

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Drainage Solutions

ann arbor drainage solutions

A yard that tends to pond or even flood can mean big problems, especially if it sends runoff towards the foundation of your home. Don’t just learn to live with it when we can offer real solutions.

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Grub Control

ann arbor grub control

No one wants grubs in their yard, and this can quickly destroy all the hard work you have invested into your lawn. Let us provide you with professional grub control so you can keep these pesky pests out of your yard.

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Tree and Shrub Care & Fertilization

ann arbor tree and shrub care and fertilization

Adding trees and shrubs to your yard is not enough, you have to also provide proper care and fertilization for better health. We can set up a schedule in order to take optimal care of your shrubs and trees.

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Outdoor Lighting

ann arbor outdoor lighting

The Great Outdoors team also offers the finest in outdoor lighting design and installation. Let your exterior really light up, adding beauty and providing safety and security.

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