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Exceptional Ann Arbor Lawn Care Services

Since first starting the business in 1983, Great Outdoors has been the local leading service provider. We take lawn care seriously, which is evident from the results that we are able to get for our clients, each and every time. Let our landscaping professionals provide you with the quality work that you deserve, for any one of these tasks.

Lawn Mowing

ann arbor lawn mowing

The most important ongoing service is making sure that your lawn mowing is taken care of. We will provide service excellence to promote healthy growth. If you want your neighbors to be green with envy over the appearance of your lawn, it starts with this.

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Lawn Fertilization

ann arbor lawn fertilization

Your lawn needs sunlight and water to grow, but it needs nutrients to thrive. The lawn fertilization service that we can provide for you will make all the difference. If you want great success with your lawn, this is the way to get there.

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Organic Lawn Care

ann arbor organic lawn care

If you want the services for keeping your grass green to be green, let us provide you with organic lawn care. Taking care of your yard should still enable you to feel as though you are doing your part to take care of the environment.

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ann arbor aeration

The process of aeration is what helps dethatch your lawn and allow air and water to reach the root system. Over time, your soil becomes compacted and this service will help loosen things up.

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Grass & Sod Installation

ann arbor grass and sod installation

Sometimes establishing the perfect lawn means having it brought in, as opposed to starting from seeds. We offer the best in grass and sod installation so we can install your lawn in place and let you get a jump start on your ideal yard.

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ann arbor irrigation

Keeping your grass supplied with fresh water is essential for success, especially during the establishment phase. Great Outdoors can design and install the perfect irrigation system so that you have a watering method already in place. Whatever the lawn care service is that you need, we can help take care of it for you.

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