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Your Local Lawn Fertilization Experts

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Great Outdoors is the premier service provider for local lawn fertilization services. The work we do can help your grass to not just survive, but to thrive. Having the ideal lawn is not just about establishing grass, it is about the ongoing maintenance that helps keep it looking its best.

Fertilizing your yard is about providing it with valuable nutrients that can help it along. Lush green grass doesn't happen as naturally as one might think. Our job is to help make this possible for you.

Lawn Fertilization Specialists

Before calling our lawn care and landscaping company, many a home or business owner sets out trying to take care of fertilizing their own grass, only to be disappointed with the results. There are as many reasons to hire a professional to take care of this, as there are reason to fertilize in the first place.

We know what the appropriate fertilizer is to use for the type of grass that you have. Without the right key ingredient, you might as well not bother fertilizing in the first place. It takes the essential key ingredients for the right recipe for healthy grass.

It is also about the right amounts. Too much fertilization can actually have adverse effects on your grass. Not enough fertilizer and it's like not doing anything at all.

You also need a proper schedule in place to make certain that your lawn is fed in the right time frame. This can be the step that makes or breaks your lawn, especially while in the newer developmental phase.

Above all else, why bother yourself with something that could be taken care of by industry experts?

Exceptional Lawn Fertilization Service & Results

At the Great Outdoors company, we genuinely care as much about your grass as you do, if not more. For approximately 35 years now, we have been providing the best service for our local clients, a job we intend to continue for another 35 years – at least. Let us provide you with the lawn fertilization service that you need, in order to get the best possible results.

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