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Your Ann Arbor Lawn Mowing Experts

ann arbor lawn mowing

For the best in lawn mowing services, the name to call on is Great Outdoors. Since 1983, we have been the lawn care and landscaping company locals know to trust for service excellence and superior results. We take this work seriously and that approach is how our name has become synonymous with high-end quality.

There is so much more to cutting your lawn than just pushing a mower. It is about knowing the type of grass, staying current with weather conditions and getting just the right height, based on the time of year. It also means doing whatever it takes to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Lawn Mowing Specialists

What many people first want to know is how to find just the right lawn care specialist to work with. There tend to be plenty of names to choose from, but not much information for making the right selection. Each summer some other new company wants to get in on the action, but then barely survive until the arrival of fall.

So here are some tips to help you out:

  • Look for an established company with seasoned professionals. This way you can rest assured that you are working with someone who knows the business and who takes it seriously.
  • Get quotes but remember this is not about the lowest cost, it is about the best value. Anyone can come in with a low quote, then usually offer shoddy service. Or, you find out that price doesn't cover any extras and once you factor those in, the price isn't so great. Value means full service, superior results and all for a more than reasonable price.
  • Seek out a company known for going above and beyond. A company that genuinely cares about the quality of their work and the condition of your lawn is always worth working with.

Exceptional Lawn Mowing Service & Results

Let the Great Outdoors team show you the work we do that has earned us the reputation that we have. You are going to love the final results that we are able to provide for you. Don't delay, call on us today!

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