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Outdoor Living Space Design And Installation

When it comes to planning an outdoor living space, there is no better name to call on than Great Outdoors. We are the local service provider with the impeccable reputation for meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients.

Our lawn care and landscaping professionals take great pride in the work that we do and that is clear from the results that we are able to get for every job we take on. Increase the property value of your home, while being able to enjoy your house, beyond the confines of your four interior walls.

Outdoor Kitchens

ann arbor outdoor kitchens

Making the choice to add an outdoor kitchen opens up a world of culinary possibilities, including simply being able to play chef while still mingling at your party. No more worrying about lingering smells from cooking in your home and you can add elaborate details, like a pizza oven. Plus, this is a great feature that will easily increase the property value of your home.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

ann arbor outdoor fireplaces

Adding an outdoor fireplace is about beauty, as well as comfort. Give your family a place to relax outdoors, long after the sun has set. The warmth also enables you to enjoy your outdoor living space, more months out of the year.

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ann arbor firepits

For some households, a firepit is more suitable than a traditional outdoor fireplace. Either way, it is good to have an option for implementing a resource for a safely contained fire, on your own property. We can design a simplistic or ornate firepit to suit your individual needs.

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Patio Installation

ann arbor patio installation

An outdoor living space, like a patio, is the ideal place to enjoy the great outdoors, and what better company to provide it than our team here at Great Outdoors? You have a place to host outdoor parties and make family memories. So make it a point to contact us today in order to find out more about what we have to offer.

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