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Perennial & Annual Flower Installation & Maintenance

ann arbor perennial and annual flower installation and maintenance

The landscaping outside your home or business can have a vibrant look almost all year long. What matters most, and what helps make that possible, is getting the Perennial & Annual Flower Installation & Maintenance that you need. For the best possible results, you need the lawn care and landscaping team here at Great Outdoors to take care of that for you.

What most people do not realize is just how much planning is involved with a successful garden or landscaping design. There is much more involved than just picking out a flower that you like and planting it. It's about picking out seasonally appropriate plants and that relying on soil prep and knowing the right depth, for successful installation.

Perennial & Annual Flower Installation & Maintenance Specialists

Of course, in order to make good decisions about your plants and flowers, you have to first know a little bit about Perennial & Annual Flower Installation & Maintenance.

An annual is a type of bloom that only lives for one season. In other words, it must be planted annually. Some people choose to start from seeds, while others like to transplant already established seedlings into their landscaping. Either way, the end result is that this flower will sprout, flower and then die.

So what is the benefit of this, versus a perennial? Some people prefer the lower upfront cost, the lack for need of ongoing maintenance and the ability to change the look next year with all new plants or blooms.

A perennial, on the other hand, has a much longer lifespan. This also means a higher financial investment to start with, as well as the need for more committed maintenance.

Exceptional Perennial & Annual Flower Installation & Maintenance Service & Results

No matter what you end up deciding, Great Outdoors is the team that can take care of it for you. We take great pride in all we do and always make it a point to leave our customers 100% satisfied. When it comes to Perennial & Annual Flower Installation & Maintenance, give our pros a call.

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