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ann arbor pruning and weeding

The inside of your home requires general cleaning and maintenance. This is what helps it look its best and also ensures that all the functional aspects keep running. So, when it comes to your landscaping, pruning and weeding accomplishes much of the same thing.

By making the wise choice to partner with the lawn care and landscaping team at Great Outdoors, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best workmanship and results, as well. If you are going to invest into having landscaping in the first place, shouldn't you also keep up with taking care of it? The good news is the same experts who design and install your landscaping in the first place, are also the same ones who can address your need for ongoing maintenance.

Pruning & Weeding Specialists

While pruning and weeding are two different tasks, each still offers benefits to your landscaping. Here's a few points to ponder:

  • Pruning, like trimming, helps the plant look better but this also helps with the overall health. This helps a professional remove dead branches that get in the way of healthy new growth, or cut away any tangled areas that rob the plant roots of sun, water or vital nutrients.
  • Weeding, on the other hand, is about the removal of existing but unwanted growth. Weeds can aggressively push out otherwise healthy plants and grasses, robbing them of the water and nutrients that they need. This enables the weeds to thrive and the plant life to die. Staying proactive about this service helps prevent a problem from developing.
  • Either way, you need to know that you have the right expert to partner with and address your service needs.

Exceptional Pruning & Weeding Service & Results

For the best in pruning and weeding services, entrust our pros at Great Outdoors. Since 1983, we have been taking care of both residential and commercial customers, in this area. Now, let us demonstrate to you, in person, how we have earned the impeccable reputation that we have.

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