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Sturdy And Beautiful Retaining Walls For Your Property

ann arbor retaining walls

One of the projects that we are very often asked to take care of, as professional landscapers, is the retaining wall. At Great Outdoors we understand the importance and appreciate the need for true quality, in a hardscape that is meant to be functional. Settle for inferior workmanship and you could end up with even more serious problems.

With 35 years of experience behind our professional lawn care and landscaping team, you can feel certain that we have the knowledge and know-how to get the job done. Not only that, we genuinely care about the satisfaction of our customers and don't believe in providing anything less than the best. So whether you need a wall or just want to add one to your residential or commercial property, we can take care of that for you and with expert precision.

Retaining Wall Specialists

Five of the main reasons for adding a retaining wall to your property include:

  • Above all else, it is usually utilitarian and about offering support to keep soil in place.
  • Retaining walls can play an instrumental role in helping to prevent flooding.
  • They are also vital for helping to reduce the likelihood of sink holes.
  • This type of structure can help prevent damage to property and surrounding structures.
  • You can also feel good knowing this can prevent erosion and will reduce the amount of maintenance required for upkeep with your yard.

Sometimes it is about needing this type of hardscape structure to prevent soil from collapsing from a hillside to your home. Other times, it is about simply leveling sloped land in order to be able to have garden beds. Either purpose is important, as is the quality of work invested into it.

Exceptional Retaining Wall Service & Results

Great Outdoors is proud of the work we have done to provide our customers with superior retaining wall results has vastly helped us earn the impeccable reputation that we have. Aside from functional and structurally sound, we will ensure that your wall is also a stunning addition to the visual aesthetics of your property. Get in touch with us today to get started on your project.

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