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Highest Quality Seasonal Service Providers

For the best in seasonal services, the name to call on is Great Outdoors. Our lawn care and landscaping professionals know that your home and business will require different types of services along the way. We want to be able to ensure that you get those services, but also get the exceptional quality that you deserve.

Snow Plowing and Shoveling

ann arbor snow plowing and shoveling

No one wants to face winter weather, but it is important to be prepared. That's why you want to be able to have a professional in place to address your need for snow plowing and shoveling. Let us clean away any wintry mess that accumulates at your residential or commercial property, in order to avoid any problems from occurring.

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Salting Services

ann arbor salting services

Another way to clean up winter mess and keep your property safe is with salting services. We will keep your walkways and parking lots salted, helping to clear away ice and snow that can pose a slip and fall threat. Don't try to make this a DIY project when we can do it for you.

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Spring Clean Up

ann arbor spring clean up

For the best possible chances for success for your lawn, you need to be able to address the need for seasonal clean up work. We offer a spring clean up that will enable your lawn to look its very best, after the winter is over.

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Fall Clean Up

ann arbor fall clean up

Fall is another time of year that you need professional clean up services. The work we offer will ensure that your yard looks good, but it is also about removing debris that could stunt growth in cooler months.

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Gardening & Garden Care

ann arbor gardening and garden care

Your garden has different needs, based on the time of year. The seasonal gardening and garden care we offer is essential for the health and appearance of your landscaping.

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Perennial & Annual Flower Installation & Maintenance

ann arbor perennial and annual flower installation and maintenance

Great Outdoors is the only company you need to call on, when you find yourself in need of perennial and annual flower installation and maintenance. As part of your ever-changing landscaping,we will make certain that this is taken care of.

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