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Professional And Trusted Tree Services

When it comes to lawn care, one must not forget about the significance of tree service. For the best in high quality results for tree service, the company to call on is Great Outdoors. Since establishing the business in 1983, we have been offering service excellence for both residential and commercial clients.

We take this line of work seriously and take great pride in the work that our lawn care and landscaping experts do. This approach is how we are able to earn the customer satisfaction rating we have.

Tree Installation & Transplanting

ann arbor tree installation and transplanting

To add instant beauty to your yard, let us take care of your tree installation and transplanting service needs. Growing a tree from a seed is a rewarding project to take on. However, being able to have mature trees already in place helps create the type of yard you have always wanted.

This way, you have less concern for how big it will grow or if it will end up in the way, since you are able to better control these factors. You have plenty of exciting options to choose from so let us help you with this project.

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Tree Removal

ann arbor tree removal

It is unfortunate that some trees have to be professionally removed. However, there are plenty of good reasons why this may be necessary. A tree may be sick or dying, the root system may be tearing apart the driveway or you may be planning adding on to your home and need a tree out of the way.

What matters most is that when you do decide to do it, you have the right team in place to take care of it. This is too tricky a task to let anyone but the best in the business address.

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Tree Trimming

ann arbor tree trimming

A great way to avoid the likelihood of needing removal is to stay current with tree trimming. This ensures better health for your trees, and helps to beautify them.

Trimming also is a preventative step to take in order to keep branches from growing too close to your home and roofing. Don't take chances like this when we can help with expert trimming.

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Stump Grinding

ann arbor stump grinding

Great Outdoors is also the name to rely on when you find yourself in need of stump grinding. Once a tree has been removed and you are left with the stump, you need to eradicate it from your property.

The work that we do will ensure that you are beyond satisfied with the final results. Whether it's stump grinding or tree transplanting, we can take care of you.

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