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3 Common Signs That You Are Overwatering Your Lawn

3 Common Signs That You’re Overwatering Your Lawn

Your lawn, of course, needs water in order to thrive. However, like all good things, too much water will prove to be as much a problem as not enough water for your Ann Arbor lawn. So, you need to be mindful that you’re giving your lawn the amount of water that it needs -- no more and no less.

We understand that it may be somewhat tricky to know when you’re watering your lawn too much if you’re not very experienced with lawn care. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of four common problems you may experience if you’re overwatering your Ann Arbor home’s lawn:

Weeds Are Growing Quickly

Over time, you may find yourself battling against unwanted weed growth in your lawn. That’s normal enough, after all, and nothing to get overly worked up about. What is something to get a bit more bothered by, though, is excessive weed growth.

If you find that weeds are sprouting up like gangbusters on your Ann Arbor lawn, you may want to stop and consider your watering habits. Overwatering your lawn can inspire a surge in weed growth, so if you find yourself grappling with this problem, consider breaking out the hose a little less often.

Thatch Patch Is Present

We all know what thatch patch is, right? It’s that problem where a section or multiple sections of your lawn decompose, leaving you with a bare, unsightly patch of lawn. No matter how big or even how small your thatch patch problem is, it’s sure to ruin the overall look of your lawn.

Many issues can lead you to dealing with thatch patch, and one of the more common issues is overwatering. Giving your lawn more water than it needs can prevent grass roots from growing deep, leading to thatch. If you find yourself dealing with bald spots on your lawn, consider watering your lawn less than you currently are.

Bugs Are Infesting Your Lawn

Thatch is not an isolated issue. Rather, it can lead to some other issues, and one of the worst issues you might experience is an infestation of harmful insects in your lawn. Thatch provides a great habitat for insects, and it will help them to settle into your lawn and overtake it.

If you have thatch, chances are you’ll have a bug infestation. Because both problems can ravage your Ann Arbor lawn, you need to take steps to fix the problems. An effective way to do that is to make sure you’re not overwatering your lawn.

Never Worry about Overwatering thanks to Our Ann Arbor Landscapers

Well -- does it look like you’ve been overwatering your lawn? If it does, don’t stress yourself. After all, the solution to this problem is simple: Just call your Ann Arbor landscaping professionals at Great Outdoors. Offering services such as irrigation work, we can make sure your lawn always enjoys the best maintenance and the ideal amount of watering.


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