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4 Features to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen

4 Features to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Designing an outdoor kitchen and hiring a lawn care and landscaping contractor to bring it to life may seem like a big investment at first, but if you value spending time with friends and family over a good meal, then an outdoor kitchen may be just the home improvement you want to fit into your budget. Outdoor kitchens have become popular among Ann Arbor homeowners because they're functional spaces that serve as a fusion of the indoors and outdoors.

Before beginning your outdoor kitchen renovations, take the time to consult with a lawn care and landscaping expert to determine which cooking features would suit your household's preferences and lifestyle.

Design Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens

  • Outdoor Pizza Oven – If take-out pizza doesn't satisfy your culinary tastes, consider making your own at home with an outdoor pizza oven. Your lawn care and landscaping contractor can help you customize the oven's brick pavers so that they're the perfect color, texture, and shape. By preparing and cooking pizza outside, you'll be able to keep your kitchen clean indoors.
  • Fireplace or Fire Pit – A fireplace or fire pit may be just what you need to impress your guests during dinner parties or family reunions. Even if you don't want to design a complete kitchen, a fireplace or fire pit can still provide you with a space to cook outdoors. Stick to camping food like sausages, corn on the cob, beans, hot dogs, and bell peppers, and you can cook a full meal in your fireplace or fire pit.
  • Grill Station – Even if you're not a seasoned grill cook, you may want to incorporate a grill station into your outdoor kitchen layout. Customize each component of the grill station by selecting materials such as wood and slate and choosing from features such as cabinetry, sinks, and refrigerators. Your lawn care and landscaping contractor can install bars along the back of the grill station so that you have sufficient hanging storage space, and you can finish off the grill station by planting a potted herb garden for easy access to fresh produce.
  • Bar – Even if you would rather do your cooking indoors, creating a dining area outside is a great idea if you enjoy hosting parties. Consider designing an outdoor bar with countertop and base materials like natural stone and reclaimed wood, and then finish off the bar with some barstools and a variety of beverages.

Contact Our Outdoor Kitchen Experts

If the idea of an outdoor kitchen appeals to you, and you want to add a pizza oven, fireplace, grill station, or bar to your Ann Arbor home's outdoor cooking area, reach out to our lawn care and landscaping experts at Great Outdoors to begin designing your ideal outdoor kitchen.


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