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Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Your lawn is a valuable and important part of your Ann Arbor home, and you need to keep it in the healthiest and most beautiful condition that you can. A great way to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn is to get a professional lawn aeration.

Lawn aeration will provide a number of benefits for your Ann Arbor lawn -- benefits which will keep it full, healthy, and stunning. If you want to know more about the benefits that aeration provides your lawn, just read on!

Your Lawn Will Get More Oxygen and Water

Much like you, your lawn needs to take in plenty of oxygen and water in order to not only survive but also thrive. So, you need to make sure your soil is able to take in as much oxygen and water as it can in order to help it grow into the most luscious lawn it possibly can.

If you find that your lawn isn’t looking its best or healthiest, chances are it’s not taking in enough oxygen and water. That’s no problem, though. You can get it looking its best once more with aeration. This process will allow your lawn to take in plenty of oxygen and water, helping it to thrive.

Fertilization Will Get Absorbed Better

Of course, water and oxygen alone won’t be sufficient for ensuring the health and longevity of your Ann Arbor home’s lawn. It also needs to take in plenty of fertilizer so that it gets the nutrients it needs to thrive -- though it may not be able to do so very well on its own.

If your lawn needs a little help taking in the fertilizer you give to it, just get a professional lawn aeration. Aeration will allow your lawn to take in plenty of nutrients, helping to make the most of your lawn fertilization.

Reduced Likelihood of Soil Compaction

Why do you think that your lawn begins to struggle to take in the oxygen, water, and fertilizer it needs in order to thrive? Well, one reason is that the soil becomes compacted over time. Unfortunately, you can’t do much to stop soil compaction, as it is the result of general traffic, rainfall, and other unavoidable factors.

While you can’t stop soil compaction from happening, you can have that compaction undone. To do that, simply get a lawn aeration. This service will loosen compacted soil, allowing your lawn to take in all the important nutrients and such that it needs to grow.

Get Professional Soil Aeration from Our Ann Arbor Landscaping Company

Does aeration sound like just the thing to get your Ann Arbor lawn in the best possible condition? If it does, call the landscaping pros at Great Outdoors today. We offer quality work that will help your lawn enjoy a beautiful, healthy life for many years to come.


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