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Knowing the Options You Have for Professional Landscaping

knowing your options for professional landscaping

Savvy Ann Arbor homeowners realize that, in order to have the home of your dreams, it means letting a professional take care of the landscaping. The exterior of your home is what makes the first impression and offers curb appeal. However, fail to bother to get landscaping done and you are doing your home a great injustice.

This also is not the type of task that you should attempt to take care of on your own. There are a wide variety of professional landscaping options, all of which are best suited to be taken care of by an expert.

Learning About Your Options

Before signing up for landscape service, you have to first know a bit about the options that you have:

  • Landscape Design - Before you can have the right landscaping, there needs to be a plan in order to get perfect results.
  • Water Features - You have a variety of options available for ways to implement water into your landscaping design.
  • Mulch Installation - Mulch adds color and beauty, as well as weed control, and a professional can address your need for installation.
  • Hedge Trimming - Get the best looking yard with well-manicured hedges, that will also be able to thrive once trimmed.
  • Pruning & Weeding - Keep your yard looking neat and cared for, while also keeping it as healthy as possible.
  • Drainage Solutions - If you have problems with proper drainage you don’t have to just live with it when we can solve it for you.
  • Grub Control - Problems with grubs can literally destroy your yard but we can prevent that from happening.
  • Outdoor Lighting - Illuminate your exterior with expertly planned outdoor lighting.

Getting Professional Service

Let the team here at Great Outdoors provide you with any of the lawn care and landscaping service work that you need. We can help ensure that you get the service that you need for the best possible results. The sooner that you contact us, the sooner we can get your yard looking its very best.


If you are looking for professional landscaping options and services, then please call (734) 663-2200 or complete our:

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