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What Dangers Can a Poorly Maintained Tree Pose?

What Dangers Can a Poorly Maintained Tree Pose?

Well-maintained trees make for a beautiful home, but poorly maintained trees – well, those don’t make for a very enjoyable home at all. In addition to taking away from your Ann Arbor home’s beauty, poorly maintained trees can pose a number of dangers to you and your loved ones.

To remain as safe as can be in your home, you need to make sure your trees remain in the best-maintained condition. By doing so, you can remain safe from a number of dangers and problems, which include the following:

Attraction of Harmful Critters

As a tree wears away, it will begin to decompose. Decomposition is unsightly, yes, but it’s far from the worst problem you’ll face because of a dying tree. After all, decomposing natural matter is a regular buffet to all manners of insects, and you could soon find yourself dealing with an influx of destructive critters on your Ann Arbor property.

These critters could include spiders, which can harm you and your loved ones, and even termites, which can cause serious damage to your home. You can lower your likelihood of having to deal with these harmful pests by keeping your trees healthy so they don’t attract them by decaying.

Risk of Damage from Falling Trees

Maybe you’re not too worried about spiders, termites, and other creepy crawlies like that. You can always call an exterminator, after all. So, who cares about a decaying tree? Well – you should still. After all, a terminator can’t stop a worn-out tree from falling over.

You can see a bug infestation coming from a mile away, so you’ll have ample time to keep that problem from progressing to a dangerous point . . . but a tree falling over? No way. To keep that problem from happening, you need to simply keep your trees in strong, healthy condition so they’ll be able to stay standing for years to come.

Reduced Property Value

Not every problem that a poorly maintained tree can cause are detrimental to your well-being. Some of them can also harm your home’s resale value. While this problem may not seem significant in comparison to the aforementioned problems, you’ll certainly not be happy to deal with it should it come time to sell your home.

To keep your Ann Arbor property as valuable as can be, you need to make sure any trees on it remain healthy and beautiful. So, be sure you need to give your trees the best care you can so that they will look great and keep your property valuable.

Avoid These Problems with Our Tree Care Services

To keep your trees in tip-top condition, you need to make sure they get the best quality of care there is. In the Ann Arbor area, that quality of care comes from none other than Great Outdoors. Our experienced landscaping company provides tree trimming and other services to keep your trees standing strong.


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