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Should You Request Stump Grinding Services?

Should You Request Stump Grinding Services?

Superior Township homeowners are urged to cut down trees damaged by severe weather, pests, and disease, but what are they supposed to do with the leftover stumps? Common stump removal methods performed by lawn care and landscaping contractors include stump grinding and chemical removal, but homeowners opt for stump grinding for many reasons.

Benefits of Stump Grinding Services

  • Fast and Effective – Grinding a stump is preferred by many homeowners because chemical removal methods can take a long time to work and require the attention of the homeowner. Lawn care and landscaping professionals can grind a stump in just a few hours.
  • Curb Appeal – Although tree stumps are fairly harmless, residential properties with tree stumps are often looked down upon. To increase the value of your home and property, consider hiring stump grinding services before putting your house on the market.
  • Tree Sprout Prevention – To avoid new tree growth, tree stumps should be removed quickly. These tree sprouts will remove nutrients and moisture from the soil, keeping it from the surrounding trees and plants on your lawn.
  • Increased Available Space – If you cut down diseased or damaged trees and bulky stumps remain scattered across your yard; stump grinding can provide additional space for new landscaping features. If a tree stump is blocking a section of your lawn that you intend to use for a pool, swing set, tree house, shed, or garden, then stump grinding can clear the area.
  • Safety – Lawn care and landscaping experts urge homeowners with children and pets to hire stump grinding services because tree stumps are trip hazards that can result in bodily injury. A tree stump can also severely damage a lawn mower if you run over one.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Stump grinding is an environmentally friendly process that doesn't include the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Additionally, wood chips and sawdust are by-products of stump grinding that can be reused in other home improvement projects.
  • Limited Insect Infestations – A tree stump is the perfect habitat for unwanted pests such as termites, ants, and beetles. Once these bugs invade a tree stump, they'll probably expand their territory, infest other areas of your yard, and may even enter your home. Removing stumps immediately after cutting down trees is recommended.

Although it's an investment, stump grinding is worth the cost because it reduces pest invasions, increases safety, and improves the appearance of your lawn. If you're looking for a trusted lawn care and landscaping company in Superior Township, contact the knowledgeable professionals at Great Outdoors.


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