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Sidewalk Installation and Its Positive Impact on Your Neighborhood

Sidewalk Installation and Its Positive Impact on Your Neighborhood

Like many Saline homeowners and business owners, you've probably recognized the benefits of sidewalks in neighborhoods and cities. Sidewalk installation increases convenience, safety, and mobility, so community members should advocate the presence of sidewalks by hiring lawn care and landscaping professionals to install and maintain them.

Safety and Health

Around 4,500 pedestrians die in traffic accidents with vehicles in the United States per year, and approximately 8% of these fatalities occur because pedestrians are walking directly next to the road instead of on a sidewalk. The presence of sidewalks would prevent a majority of these deaths. Because of the safety that sidewalks provide, pedestrians feel at ease while traveling on foot. In addition to increased safety, sidewalks have positive health benefits. When lawn care and landscaping contractors are hired to install sidewalks in neighborhoods and cities, people are more likely to walk to their locations, increasing their level of daily physical activity. By walking to locations within a two-mile distance, people are reducing the amount of car travel by 40%, an act which limits the amount of carbon emissions and air pollution.

Mobility and Accessibility

When lawn care and landscaping professionals install sidewalks along roads, pedestrians are moved off of the shoulders or curbs of roads and onto sidewalks that are safe distances away from the flow of traffic. Sidewalks also provide access to businesses for customers and employees.

Curb Appeal and Property Value

One of the most referenced benefits of sidewalks is the increased attractiveness that they provide to neighborhoods and cities. The property values of homes in neighborhoods with sidewalks will increase because of the positive connotations that sidewalks conjure regarding safety and the overall well-being of the neighborhoods.

Installing a sidewalk properly is just as important as having the sidewalk itself. Sloppy sidewalk installations can cause problems such as cracking, trip hazards, erosion, and improper sloping, and these problems can result in sidewalk violations, sidewalk collapse, and bodily injury. If you want to add sidewalks to the roads skirting your Saline property, work with an experienced lawn care and landscaping company like Great Outdoors so that your sidewalk installation is performed correctly.


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