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Tree Trimming and Pruning: Why Regular Maintenance Is Good for Tree Health

Ypsilanti tree trimming

As an Ypsilanti homeowner, you are faced with countless maintenance tasks regarding your roof, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning systems. With all of these responsibilities, you may forget to turn your attention to the trees residing on your lawn, but regular tree trimming is crucial to your trees' health and growth, making lawn care and landscaping another important element of homeownership.

Trimming vs. Pruning

Trimming trees involves cutting overgrown branches, and pruning includes discarding infected, loose, or dead branches. Pruning can be done at any time, but trimming should be performed when the tree is dormant so that the tree is able to heal properly. Trimming branches larger than 10 centimeters by yourself is not advised, so consider hiring a lawn care and landscaping contractor.

Disease and Pests

When insects infest the trees in your lawn, they can infect the trees with disease and gradually weaken their structural integrity. You may notice a whole section of a tree die, and this tree death is due to the tree's inability to protect itself from the disease. Instead, the tree transfers its energy to the uninfected branches. Pruning dead branches reduces the risk of insects and other pests entering your nearby home, the spread of fire, and falling branches. Ridding your trees of infected branches will ensure that they have healthy branches and root systems, allowing them to withstand heavy storms.

Air Circulation

Trees that are not maintained will grow dense and heavy. An excessively thick canopy hinders the tree's health because the amount of sunlight the tree is receiving is insufficient. Additionally, an extremely dense canopy does not allow for proper air circulation, producing the optimal environment for disease and decay.

Growth and Development

Young trees require more care than mature trees if they are expected to develop properly. Attentive trimming and pruning will allow the young tree to form a strong root system and maintain its shape. Well-maintained trees will also require less corrective pruning later. Proper maintenance also allows for satisfactory fruit production.

If you own a home with surrounding trees, lawn care and landscaping is essential. Keeping up with trimming and pruning can be a big responsibility, but Great Outdoors, an experienced Ypsilanti lawn care and landscaping contractor, can keep your trees in excellent condition.


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