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Why You Should Choose Cool Season Grass for Your Chelsea Lawn

Why You Should Choose Cool Season Grass for Your Chelsea Lawn

Every homeowner in Chelsea who values a lush, polished lawn knows the importance of choosing the best grass or sod and then hiring a contractor for a grass and sod installation. Lawn care and landscaping become less of a headache when you know what to plant and when, and that includes your grass and sod. For homes in cold climates or homes with frigid winters, cool season grasses are best.

What Are Cool Season Grasses?

If you reside in a region with cold winters, your Lawn care and landscaping is determined by what vegetation grows well in a cold climate. Cool season grasses perform well in locations with cold winters and moderate summers with frequent rain. They remain dormant through droughts, and their shoot growth occurs in mid-spring and early fall.

Popular Cool Season Grasses in the United States

  • Ryegrass – Perennial ryegrass thrives in full sun but tolerates shade. It germinates quickly and has a fine texture and deep-green color. Ryegrass resists disease and insects naturally.
  • Bentgrass – Bentgrass is fine and dense, and it is often used for golf courses. It is extremely lush, but it requires a high amount of lawn care and landscaping.
  • Bluegrass – Bluegrass features finely textured, deep-green blades and extreme durability. It spreads quickly, but its root system is fairly shallow. It blends well with ryegrass, and dormant bluegrass bounces back after watering.

Where Cool Season Grasses Prosper in the United States

  • Northeast Region
  • Pacific Northwest Region
  • Midwest Region

Once you've determined which cool season grass is suitable for your Chelsea lawn, schedule a grass and sod installation with a Lawn care and landscaping contractor like Great Outdoors.


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