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Reasons to Get Tree Stumps Removed from Your Ann Arbor Yard

Reasons to Get Tree Stumps Removed from Your Ann Arbor Yard

If you’ve recently had an unwanted tree removed from your Ann Arbor property, you need to go ahead and schedule a stump grinding right away. At a glance, a stump may seem like a non-issue, especially when compared to the dangers that a problematic tree poses.

You would be wrong in that case, however. While a tree stump may not pose the same magnitude of dangers that an old tree can, it still poses a bevy of problems all its own. So, after having a tree removed, you need to get a stump grinding to keep your Ann Arbor home safe from the following problems:

They Drive Down Your Curb Appeal and Property Value

If you’re thinking about selling your home at some point down the road, then you need to be sure it maintains two key qualities: curb appeal and resale value. Curb appeal will attract potential customers, and resale value -- well, it’s pretty self-explanatory why you should want to maintain that.

Those two qualities alone should spur you into getting those old stumps removed. Being unsightly and hazardous, stumps can drive down your curb appeal and resale value significantly, proving to be a serious problem should you ever sell your home. To make the most profitable sell, be sure to get any stumps removed before listing.

They Attract Pesky Insects

Of course, your curb appeal and resale value won’t be anything for you to worry about until you sell your Ann Arbor home -- IF you ever sell it. In the meantime, your primary concern will be maintaining a safe and comfortable home life. Of course, the presence of harmful beetles, termites, and other wood-boring insects could make your home unsafe.

Since old stumps can attract these insects, you’ll need to get any stumps removed from your property ASAP. By removing them, you can prevent an infestation of bugs that could eat into your home’s supports. So, a stump removal will help to keep your home as safe as can be.

They Can Grow into New Trees

In many cases, you’ll find yourself left with a stump in your yard because you had an unwanted tree removed. Of course, in most cases, once you get a tree removed, you won’t want another one growing in its place. After all, that could just require you to put in the time and money to have another tree removed down the line.

Since most stumps are still capable of growing back into a tree, you’ll want to go the extra mile and have them removed when getting an unwanted tree removed. This will help to save you money and trouble down the road, making a stump removal all but essential when getting a tree removal.

Have Your Unwanted Stumps Removed with Our Stump Grinding Service

So, you’ve had a tree removed, and now you’re convinced that a stump removal should necessitate the same immediacy of attention. You’re next step should be simple enough: Call the Ann Arbor landscaping pros at Great Outdoors for our quality stump removal service. We’ll work quickly to remove any old stumps, helping your property to be its safest once more in no time.


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