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Why You Should Consider Organic Lawn Care

Why You Should Consider Organic Lawn Care

As a Whitmore Lake homeowner, you may take great pride in your lawn care and landscaping. Homeowners with green thumbs want to provide the best care to their plants, trees and lawn, so this vegetation can flourish. The use of harsh chemicals and fertilizers maintains your lawn's lush appearance, but it can also harm the health of the soil and wildlife. Many people are switching to organic lawn care methods to improve soil quality and decrease the negative effects that synthetic chemicals have on plants, wildlife, and humans.

What Is Organic Lawn Care?

Studies indicate that Americans use approximately 70 million tons of fertilizer and up to 90 million pounds of pesticides on their lawns annually. Understanding the significance of pervasive synthetic chemical use is vital, and turning to more sustainable practices is recommended in order to restore the natural environment to its state before widespread chemical exposure. Homeowners can include several techniques in their lawn care and landscaping routines to maintain their lawns more organically. For example, after mowing the grass, leave the clippings on the lawn so that the plant nutrients can return to the soil. If the look of grass clippings bothers you, construct a compost pile instead. Fallen leaves can be added to the compost pile as well. Aeration is crucial to grass growth. Consider deep tilling your lawn with a spade, or hire a lawn care and landscaping contractor to do it. You may also want to think twice about removing all of the weeds from your yard because some of these weeds, such as dandelions and clover, are beneficial to the soil.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides eradicate not only harmful pests and diseases on plants but also favorable microorganisms. Instead of terminating both good and bad environmental factors, homeowners are urged to engage in organic lawn care practices that make the plants in their lawns stronger and more equipped to endure onslaughts of pests, diseases, and drought. By making changes in your lawn care, you can reduce the level of nitrogen from fertilizer that seeps into ground and surface water, lower the amount of pollution caused by gas-powered lawn care equipment, decrease annual water usage, reduce the number of birds poisoned by pesticides, limit the number of earthworms that are killed by pesticides and fungicides and decrease the negative health effects on children and adults from synthetic chemical exposure.

Organic lawn care is often misunderstood by homeowners who desire perfectly manicured lawns. Switching to organic lawn care requires effort and dedication, but because organic lawn care aims to improve the health of your lawn instead of just making it look good, the long-term benefits are significant. If you're interested in taking care of your Whitmore Lake lawn organically, reach out to experienced lawn care and landscaping experts at Great Outdoors.


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