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Lodi Township Landscaping & Lawn Care Service

Lodi Township lawn care and landscaping

Whether you need landscaping or lawn care services in Lodi Township, you can count on our dedicated Great Outdoors experts to meet every need. We offer a full line of regular and seasonal lawn maintenance services as well as new landscape design and install service. We can turn an ordinary property into something amazing and beautiful and then keep it that way.

Take a look at our residential and commercial services and then give us a call for a competitive quote. You will love having access to all the professional services you need from one reliable landscaping company. If you need Lawn Care and Landscaping, we want to be your Lodi Township landscaper.

  • Landscape Design & Build
  • All Season Lawn Care
  • Professional & Reputable
  • Commercial & Residential

Landscape Designs & Installation

Taking a bare and drab landscape and turning into something amazing is not a simple feat. It takes developing a good landscape design that enhances all the existing features of the home or commercial building. Everything needs to look as if it belongs there. If you are ready for an amazing landscape design, call us today. Let's work together to plan a design for your home or business today.

Lodi Township Lawn Maintenance Service

Every lawn needs to be maintained in order to keep the landscape healthy. The grass needs mowing, raking, herbicidal treatments, fertilizing, and more. The flower beds need weeding, mulching, fertilizing, and insect treatments. All this labor-heavy yard work must be consistently done to keep the property healthy and beautiful. Let us take care of all the work while you sit back and enjoy the results. Professional lawn maintenance in Lodi Township is our specialty.

Yes, We Provide Snow Removal Service In Lodi Township

Great Outdoors works year-round in Lodi Township, so we do provide snow removal service. Let us help you reign-in the winter weather in Michigan with snow plowing, salting, and shoveling. Your property will stay nice and safe all winter long no matter how high the snow piles up.

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If you are looking for landscaping and lawn maintenance services in Lodi Township, please call (734) 663-2200 or complete our Online Request Form.

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