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Full-Service Landscaping & Lawn Care In Scio Township

Scio Township lawn care and landscaping

Do you need landscaping or lawn care service in Scio Township? If so, you need a dedicated professional who knows how to create an amazing landscape and then take care of it for you.

Great Outdoors is a full-service landscaping and lawn care company who provides service to residential and commercial property owners in Scio Township.

By full service, we mean everything from the design and installation of a beautiful new landscape to the follow-up care, seasonal care, and snow removal service. If you need Lawn Care and Landscaping, we want to be your Scio Township landscaper.

You can count on our experienced team for a thriving, lush lawn and all the beautiful hardscape features you desire. Whether you want to build a new outdoor kitchen or just need regular lawn maintenance, we are your one-stop service provider who can get it done.

Need Your Commercial Property Landscaped?

Commercial landscaping involves designing an easy-care lawn, attractive hardscaping, and lush accent foliage. Part of the plan will involve planting or hardscaping to hide certain unattractive features such as HVAC equipment, trash bins, or propane tanks.

With the help of our commercial landscaping crew, you will have an attractive, inviting property that brings customers to your business. Let's get started on a design plan today.

Residential Lawn Care & Landscaping Maintenance

Keeping up with the lawn maintenance is a chore that many people can't or don't want to do. If you want a healthy and beautiful lawn without the hassle of caring for it yourself, let us maintain it for you.

Any landscape can start out amazingly beautiful, but if the maintenance and regular lawn care aren't done it will soon succumb to the forces of nature. Let us fertilize, pull weeds, treat for insects, spread herbicides, overseed, mow, trim, and do all the other regular tasks that keep the lawn in good shape. That amazing new landscape will stay beautiful for all the years to come with the help of our pros.

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If you are looking for landscaping and lawn maintenance services in Scio Township, please call (734) 663-2200 or complete our Online Request Form.

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