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Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips

Types of Lawn Care to Consider for Your Home

One of the responsibilities that comes with being an Ann Arbor homeowner is addressing the need for lawn care. Too many homeowners still think this is the type of task that they can take care of on their own. Unfortunately, this tends to be a mistake. […]

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Knowing the Options You Have for Professional Landscaping

Savvy Ann Arbor homeowners realize that, in order to have the home of your dreams, it means letting a professional take care of the landscaping. The exterior of your home is what makes the first impression and offers curb appeal. However, fail to bother to get landscaping done and you are doing your home a great injustice. […]

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Understanding the Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

More and more local homeowners are making the wise decision to add an outdoor living space to their Ann Arbor home. In fact, it is becoming such a commonly requested service, it’s starting to be the new norm. Home buyers are beginning to expect it when they shop around, or at least adding it as soon as they get settled in. […]

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